I haven’t been eating for a while, several weeks to a couple of months. Not on purpose, I just haven’t been interested in eating. Maybe a slice of toast, a banana, half a plate of food for dinner—that’s the most I’ll eat in a day.

I don’t know how to eat more. I want to, but I’m not getting hungry. I’ll just drink tea or decaf the entire day instead. It feels much better than food.

My weight is fine. Normal. I just don’t want it to drop and I’m worried of the potential health risks of not eating properly.


I became incredibly depressed in December, then a bunch of stuff has happened since then.

I suppose it’s just left over depression from December.

Ugh. Starting physical therapy this Friday. I def have to be eating more by then so I have the energy to move about and stuff.

I have the biggest headache now from not eating.

*inhale* *exhale*

11.21.13 /04:28/ 383
11.21.13 /04:28/ 21087
11.21.13 /04:25/ 27
11.21.13 /04:21/ 122642
11.21.13 /04:16/ 294
11.21.13 /04:16/ 27629

11.21.13 /04:14/ 20
~   Albert Camus (via likeafieldmouse)
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